Biometric data requirements for visa applicants in Warsaw

1. With immediate effect the Government of India has decided to introduce compulsory biometric capture for applicants seeking:

  • i) Student visa,
  • ii) Research visa,
  • iii) Employment visa
  • iv) Missionary visa
  • v) Project visa
  • vi) Journalist visa and
  • vii)Visit visa (Pakistani nationals)

2. The following categories of applicants, are exempted from the biometrics requirement:

  • a) Applicants below 12 years and above 70 years of age
  • b) Heads of State or Government and holders of diplomatic passports.
  • c) Group tourists arranged by tour operators/agencies
  • d) Applications received by post for the visas other than above categories mentioned in para 1 above.

3. The Embassy of India in Warsaw will therefore capture biometric data, from those who are coming in person to the Visa Application Centre (BLS Office).