Now E Visa to India Service can be availed at BLS Indian Visa Application Centre.

Updates and Notices

BLS Service Charges increased from PLN 40 to PLN 56

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This new regulation is designed to unify the current data protection privacy laws throughout the EU, and to enhance the rights of European residents to protect their personal information. Our  privacy policy entails the details regarding processing of personal data along with lawful grounds of -collecting, retaining and protecting it.

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  • भारतकाराजदूतावास, वार्सा
    Embassy of India, Warsaw
    Use of Satellite phones is illegal in India
    All foreign nationals visiting India are advised not to carry / use Thuraya/ Irridium satellite phones in India. The use of these phones is strictly prohibited in India. Any violation in this regard or foreigners identified with Thuraya/Irridium satellite phones shall have serious consequences and the users are liable for prosecution under Indian laws.
  • Since April 1, 2017 Government of India decided to issue Tourist and Business Visas with five years validity on regular basis to each applicant applying for these type of visas. "Public Advisory"
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We do process or render services for e-Tourist Visa.

The Embassy of India, Poland and Lithuania further wishes to inform that for long term tourist visa (12 months and 60 months) each stay should not exceed 90 days.
For additional information and the opportunity to visit the country again, please contact FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) department located in the city where you are staying. If it is possible, FRRO department will provide you details about the procedure and a list of required documents.

Assisting individuals, groups and professionals for


Visa Processing Services (a division of BLS Detectives Ltd.) is an exclusive trusted partner to the Embassy of India, Poland which manages the administrative function of the visa application process.

This website provides you with the latest information and guidelines on the visa application procedures involved in making application for an Indian visa from Lithuania.

All prospective applicants are requested to go through the guidelines for the various categories of visa, photograph specification, requisite documents required for making a visa application and the fee structure for each type of visa prior to preparing the application for submission.

As our work is administrative in nature, we are not in a position to guarantee the issuance of a visa.  Issuance of Visa is determined only by the Embassy of India.

Applicants are solely responsible for the applications they submit. Any false documentation or misrepresentation of facts and information in support of their application will have a direct bearing on the decision with regard to their application by the Embassy of India, Warsaw.

Applicants are solely responsible for the application(s) they submit. Any false or misrepresentation of facts, incomplete or invalid supporting documents will have a direct bearing on the decision carried out by the Embassy of India.